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Claribel Hand

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arcade gameA classic arcade game like 1942 striker, Raiden, along with other vertical airplane shooter is quite popular around the '90, today as technology are more advance these kinds of games sometimes forgotten yet lots of people still like to play it. Lucky to you who've iOS smart phone, you can find a number of these games available on the market, to not forget your old good time you can easily pick any retro game you want and play it in your smart phone. One of these is Roswell fighter reloaded, this vertical shooter classic game offers you some arcade action inside a modern game play, let's check out what the game has to offer below


Roswell Fighter Reloaded is a traditional vertical shooter game using a simple concept, much like various other retro game titles you previously played, your task is to shoot a number of opponent planes that coming towards you on each level, at the end of the mission you'll face boss invaders with difficult ability to defeat. Just what you would expect with a top down plane shooting game, this game offer a quite challenging level and enemies for you to destroy, the story take on an alien intrusion on earth and you're the person who will save the earth from the alien by using your aircraft.

At the beginning your bullet is limited and will only have one type to beat the enemy's plane, then again whilst you progress your firearm could be more effective and vary. You will find numerous powers up in each level, once you collected this power up your plane will have more deadly weapon and it's easier to destroy the enemy. The power up consist of one direction bullet to across firing bullet to your aircraft and it is pretty awesome to see your aircraft developed into a strong one.

The control for this game is easy, you're presented a virtual button on the screen and all that you have to do is avoid the attacker and destroy them. But not only around the flying ship, you also need to steer clear of some dangerous platform coming from the alien that trying to eliminate your plane with their weapon. The boss from this game is quite tough, you have to consider carefully before you make a move, much like normal plane arcade game there's normally an opening and weak spot to destroy the boss. The game give you a decent 2D graphic and a fairly good sound too, if you love retro arcade games specially aircraft shooter, you'll be able to download this game in app store for $0.99.

Rendy Rembana is one of the authors at Paseban Portal covering information, review, and tips about Mobile apps and Games
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