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Heidi Thiel

Heidi Thiel ainda não escreveu nenhuma biografia
the nba legends in the t mobile commercial are Charles barkley,magic Johnson, and Julius erving

Who is the actor in latest tmobile commercial?
who are the other 2 people with Brad Paisley in the TMobile commercial

Who is girl in the tmobile commercial?
Marissa Pacheco

Who is the girl that does the commercial for tmobile?
Katherine Zeta-Jones

Woman in tmobile commercial?
Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Who is the actress in the tmobile mytouch 4g commercial?
Carly Foulkes

Who is the actor in the tmobile mytouch 4g commercial?
Carly Foulkes

When did NBA All-Star Legends Game end?
NBA All-Star Legends Game ended in 1993.

When was NBA All-Star Legends Game created?
NBA All-Star Legends Game was created in 1984.

Who is the brunette in the tmobile commercial who stands there and say hi?
Carly Foulkes

Who is the dark haired lady on the tv commercial for TMobile?
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Who is the kid in the Commercial father daughter date tmobile?
what 2013 car commercial has the father intimidating daughter's date with music

How do you unlock NBA legends in NBA live 09 for the psp?
you beat the game or you get cheats

Is NBA 2k12 and NBA 2k12 legends showcase on one game CD?
yes and i know because I have NBA 2K12

How do you unlock nba legends nba2k10 ps2?
you cant all the legends are already there except Micheal Jordan

Is there legends on NBA Live 09?
yes you dummy

Is nba 2k12 legends showchase good?
I think it is

Who is in the TMobile commercial with the Cat Stevens song?
Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson, Jesse James

Who sings the song in the tmobile commercial?
Junior Brown Sounds like that traitor Cat Stevens

How do you unlock legends in NBA live?
Beat the playoffs to get mourning.

Does Cat Stevens sing the song on the Tmobile phone commercial?
Yes. I think that it's from the Harold and Maude movie soundtrack.

What is the name of the song in the tmobile your touch commercial?
What is the name of jingle in commerical with whoopi and jesse james cell phone commerical?

In NBA 2k6 for Xbox 360 are the legends playable in Association mode?

What NBA players have there own shoe contract?
The great players and the legends mostly.

How do you unlock all 30 legends on nba elite 11?
Win THE finals

How do you unlock NBA 2k12 classic NBA teams?
By going to the main menu and clicking on the NBA legends icon, choosing the game you want to play as, and then playing against the CPU.

How do you unlock street ball legends in NBA street homecourt?
You will have to buy it at the xbox marketplace, they have the legends, new face customization also more courts.

Who is the black lady holding a dog in the new tmobile commercial you say it is jackee harry?
it is jackee harry no it's Kym Whitley....

What Video Games Are NBA legends in?
On the NBA 2k games you can play as the 60's 70's 80's and 90's all stars. I know these teams have legends such as Larry Bird and Micheal Jordan, so I hope that helps.

Who are the street legends in NBA Street?
they are strech, bonafide,drake, takishi, bigilitlles,osmosis

Does NBA Live 09 have legends teams?
I think so, all star teams...

Is Dwayne wade the best in the nba?
He is one of the best. Along the currently. Later with the legends.

Who are the NBA legends in NBA street showdown?
Prodigy,Dime,Rock,Phat,Biggie Littles,Strech,Takashi,Bobbito Garcia,Bonafide, dwk gaming The Beastie Boys.

What is the code to unlock legends so that i can use them on current rosters on ps2 nba 2k9?

How do you unlock legends in NBA street v3?
if you save up your money you can buy all of the ledgends

If you have a tmobile phone is it Verizon?
No a Tmobile phone is Tmobile. T Mobile and Verizon Wireless are two completely different companies.

Is there legends in NBA 2k10?
Yes, the 60/70, 80, 90 and draft class from 00 to 08... are on

Who is the barber on the blackberry messenger commercial?
Legends Barber Shop in LA, Owner Goose!

Who are actors in tmobile commercial with cat Stevens song?
Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson, and Jesse Gregory James (West Coast Choppers, married to Sandra Bullock)

How can you get service from Tmobile UK?
If you want to get service from Tmobile UK, you will first have to sign up with the provider. You can do this by signing up online, or locating a local Tmobile shop.

What is the code to download NBA legends showcase?
hi answring what the free cash to rakion plzz give me free cash

Can you switch your service from tmobile to Verizon while still keeping your tmobile phone?
You mean you want to use your tmobile phone on Verizon network? No you can't. Verizon is CDMA and tmobile is GSM network, so your phone won't work on Verizon netwok

Where is Tmobile DE located at?
There are nine different Tmobile stores located in the state of Delaware. The Tmobile store in Dover, Delaware is locate at: 1141 North Dupont Highway.

Is Sprint better then Tmobile?
I think Tmobile has way better coverage than Sprint.

What phones use tmobile sims?
iPhones are the phones that usually uses the tmobile sims.

Who are the NBA Live 2010 legends for each team?
all i know is Kobe the legend of the la lakers EDIT: Well, I mean in the game you unlock retired legends, so I want to know who you unlock for each team...

How do you unlock legends in NBA Elite 11?
you can either beat the 3 point shooting contest, playoffs, or the season on game modes.

An the lg xenon work for tmobile?
yeah you can use the lg xenon with tmobile and it works great!

Can you use th i phone on tmobile?
yes you can. But you need to talk to tmobile support to set it up.

Can you use a iPhone from Verizon on a tmobile phone account?
Can you use a verizon iphone with tmobile account

What is the song in the NBA commercial that features Jeremy lin?
im binging sexy bacl

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