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Lara Bueno

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Yes. Playground is one word.

How many syllables in word playground?
There are only two syllables in the word playground.

share: Is playground a preposition?
No, it is not a preposition. The word playground is a noun.

share: What word is in common with golf and playground?
The word is swing. Golfers swing the golf club. Children play on a swing at the playground.

share: Is the word playground a suffix?
No - it is a compound word

share: What is the syllable rule for the word playground?
Playground is divided between play and ground. The verbal accent sound is on the root word play.

share: Make a sentences in the word playground?
A dog lay on ground. That's the only one I could think of.

share: Is it kids' playground or kid's playground?
It would be a kids' playground. There will be more than one kid on the playground, so there are kids. Then to make that plural, you would have to ad only an apostrophe and not apostrophe then an "s". Where as if there were only one kid on the playground then it would be a kid's playground, because there would only be one object there. Hope this helped.

share: What is the compound word of a ground where the children play?
The word is playground.

share: Can you give me an axample of a compoud sentence using the word playground?
I played in the playground but jack went to the skate park

share: Is playground a compound word?
Yes it is. Play and ground is a word and it has a meaning

share: What is the Scottish Gaelic word for playground?

share: What part of speech is the word to in the following sentence the children tan to the playground?
It's a preposition. The words "to the playground" make up a prepositional phrase.

share: 10 letter word. Where is a place to have fun?
a playground

share: Make a sentence using the word then?
She when to the shops THEN went to the playground.

share: Use a sentence with the word dirty?
The playground is very dirty

share: What is the odd word out of teaspoon lighthouse playground happiness newspaper?
The odd word out is 'happiness', it's not a compound word.

share: What is a ten letter word with a as the third letter y as the fourth letter and g as the fifth letter?
It's one of these three: Playgoings Playground Playgroups

share: Can one buy personal playground equipment through Soft Play?
One can indeed buy personal playground equipment through Soft Play. One can also purchase playground equipment through Soft Play distributors in their home state.

share: What is a compound word with the word ground in it?
background battleground campground fairground foreground playground underground

share: What are facts about dictatorship?
A dictatorship is basically a playground bully, that scares everyone else at the playground into obeying everything he/she says and demands. One man rules the whole playground.

share: Is a playground a person place or thing?
The noun playground is a singular, common, concrete, compound noun; an outdoor area provided for children to play, word for a thing; a piece of land used for games and recreation, a word for a place.

share: What can you us as a sled?
cardboard or a removable slide from a playground. (not a government playground, but one you can buy and use at home)

share: How many syllables in playground?
There are 2 syllables in the word "play-ground."

share: What is the spanish word for school playground?
El patio de recreo.

share: How do you get to the playground in Bignate?
go to big nate go right then go right go right then you will be at the playground (i did this one)

share: What is a good name for a playground?
you could name a playground after some one or you could name it after some thing in the area (i.e. rosebud park, Margret E. White playground) . Hope this helps!!

share: Where could one go to buy playground equipment from Little Tykes?
Playground equipment from Little Tykes is available online. Little Tykes's commerical website is where their playground equipment can be directly purchased from.

share: Moving the girls in big nate on the playground?
get the dog the biscuts then put one near the playground and he digs up the treshure

share: What is a sentence for the word site?
He works on a building site. Site and sight sound the same but have different meanings. The site was cordoned off by the police.

share: What is the symbol for park?
some are trees, playground, people,or just the word park

share: Use in a sentence the word pedometer?
At school we measured the length of the playground with a pedometer.

share: What is a sentence for the word proposition?
Citizens made a proposition to build a playground for the kids.

share: What is the verse about the devil's playground in the Bible?
In the King James version the word - playground - does not appear at all. the word - play - appears 17 times the word - played - appears 18 times the word - playedst - appears twice the word - player - appears once the word - players - appears twice the word - playeth - appears once the word - playing - appears 7 times .... none of these appear in the same... Read More

share: What is disadvantage of playground?
something dangerous or risky about the playground. One could be what would you do if someone fell. What could you do to prevent it from it happening again.

share: Where is the playground on red dragon island?
it's in red dragon island. which playground if your talking about the one at the very beginning then by the blue house

share: Ground compound word?
background campground foreground groundswell groundwork playground underground

share: How many words can be make from the word display or play?
display playground play land

share: What is the prepositional phrase of The little children raced around the playground?
If you take out the prepositional phrase, the sentence will still make sense. A prepositional phrase contains a preposition, a noun, and usually an article or other adjective. "The little children raced around the playground." If you take out "around the playground", the sentence would still make sense. The word "around" is the preposition and "playground" is the noun that is the object of the preposition. Therefore, "around the playground" is the prepositional phrase in... Read More

share: Where are all of the medals for topps football?
one is in the street and one is in the playground

share: Who are the playground kidders?
The Playground Kidders are the playground kidders

share: How many syllabes are in the word playground?
Bmp-bmp . . . so that would be two. Two syllables.

share: What compound word ends in ground?
Underground, background campground playground fairground foreground battleground

share: Is class a compound noun?
No, a compound noun is a word originally constructed from two others, such as "playground". Since "cl" is not a word "class" is not a compound.

share: Can you help me unscramble ugnplodary?
The letters 'ugnplodary' unscramble to spell the word playground. The next longest possible word is pauldron with eight letters.

share: What is the length of one side of playground with area of playground 225.604 sq meter?
Any measure you like. If you want one side to be x metres, choose the other side to be 225.604/x metres.

share: What is the length of one side of playground with area of playground 225.6004 sq meter?
Any measure you like. If you want one side to be x metres, choose the other side to be 225.6004/x metres.

share: How does one sign up for the math playground website?
This is a site you can not sign up for. There is no such feature on the math playground website. Everything is completely free, there is no need for an account.

share: Does any know a digital playground account that you can use?
There are several Digital Playground accounts available for use, however, one must be of the age of 18 to use them. Furthermore, Digital Playground is an inappropriate website that shouldn't be used in this website's question section.

share: How to Write a sentence with the word weathering?
Due to the weathering of the rock, the childrens' playground started turning into soil.

share: How do you use the word evoke in a sentence?
"Walking on the old abandoned playground evoked memories from my childhood". I win.

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