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Patrice Bollinger

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Dog Outfits - Not Just Sweaters Anymore
Do you have a dog? Do you have dog outfits for him or her? If you answered 'yes' to those last two questions, then you're not the only one. Over the last several years, the pet clothing industry has boomed as growing quantities of everyone has begun dressing their four-legged loved ones. This trend was undoubtedly sparked from the increased frequency of well-dressed dogs for example Chloe through the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Bruiser from Legally Blonde appearing around the silver screen. Today, your pet dog doesn't have to be a movie or television celebrity being well-dressed. As a matter of fact, everyday dogs are getting to be fashion-conscious currently!
It wasn't so long ago that people would not dare be caught in public places with your dog dressed similarly as themselves. To do so would undoubtedly have brought verbal teasing, annoying looks and outright laughter. But today, people be proud of bestowing upon their dogs the very best garments they can find. Visit almost any pet store and you'll surely find a minimum of a small selection of dog outfits. Larger stores and specialty dog boutiques usually have extensive selections. Even universities and colleges are getting in on the act by providing dog outfits and hippie hoodie accessories emblazoned using the school's mascot or logo for sale in the college bookstore.
As with human clothing, the roll-out of clothes for dogs was originally intended as protection through the elements. The most basic of most dog outfits may be the always-functional but ever-fashionable dog sweater. Once only knitted by mom or grandmother to hold the family's Fido warm in chilly temperatures, sweaters for dogs are so attractive and elegant that keen, fashionable design has replaced the original, homemade feel that made them so popular in the first place. Soon, thick dog coats and dog raincoats were added to the mix which helped even dogs with short or thin coats of hair to remain warm outside in snow and rain. Now, you can even find shoes and boots for dogs to protect their paw pads from extreme temperatures ranging through the scorching heat of asphalt pavement in Phoenix, Arizona over a hot, August afternoon to the bone-chilling cold of the Alaskan tundra inside the dead of winter.
Today, the only real limit for the number and type of dog outfits can be your imagination. People are so keen to acquire their pets as true members of their families that they often treat them like furry children, lavishing all of them with entire wardrobes consisting of sweaters, coats and shoes, as said before, as well as shirts, vests, dresses, pajamas, special day outfits, sports jerseys, and accessories like sunglasses, fancy halters and hats.
If you have your dog and haven't yet explored the field of dog outfits, you're in for the real treat. Because of the number of possibilities open nowadays, clothes shopping is now a great and enjoyable activity we can give our dogs.
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